Your First Class Ticket to Heaven On Earth:

Jesuit Priest’s 10-second morning routine that flattens your stomach, recaptures youthful energy, and reboots your health... starting tomorrow morning.


Those were the frightening words echoing in my head after watching my beloved father Donald breathe his last breath at the young age of just 60 years old.

Just a few moments earlier, surrounded by loved ones, I was holding his hand as he told me, “Chris, I love you”. And then, there was nothing… only silence.

What I did next may shock you...

I’m not proud of it and it still hurts for me to talk about… however, it also lead to an accidental meeting with the most unlikeliest of people, a worldly Jesuit Priest, and his 10-second morning routine discovered on his missions to far away lands, that is so easy and effective, it caused me to drop 72 pounds and 14 inches off my waist while in my 50’s, and what’s even more shocking is the first 10 pounds came off in just 7 days...

…while saving me from a lifetime of alcohol addiction, depression and a failing marriage… plus reversed a host of other health problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, acid-reflux and heart disease which would have most certainly lead to an early death for me, just like my dad...

…and I did it without risky weight loss surgery, dangerous drugs, restrictive dieting or sweaty workout routines, much to the shock and awe of my own personal doctor.



I never would have imagined that I would suddenly be springing out of bed each morning, bursting with the energy and youthfulness of a spry teenager that I once thought had left me for good.

Yet, it’s a FACT - 10 pounds gone in only 7 days, and then 72 pounds of fat and 14 inches off my belly… and it all began with this 1 simple 10-second morning routine.

The shameless, money-hungry weight loss hucksters and their unscrupulous greedy drug company counterparts don’t want you to know about something so simple and easy like this... unusual trick that can truly change
the way you look and feel each and every day, naturally...

…that starts by cutting away stubborn flab, and then continues to transform your body, erasing signs of pre-mature aging, boosting your energy and sex drive, while reducing your risk for debilitating diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.

Because once you start using this trick as early as tomorrow morning, you’ll never fall for their maddening fad diets, crazy and exhausting exercise schemes, or destructive pill-popping habits ever again.

This is good news, of course, and you’ll also want to know the two surprising signs on your own skin I’ll show you in a couple minutes, that will instantly tell you if you’re at a greater risk for heart disease, fatal heart attack and thyroid problems... making it almost impossible for you to lose weight...

…especially if you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and have failed again and again.

These telling but unusual warning signs could save you from years of agony, debilitating disease and depression… and might even save you from an early and painful death.

Before I stumbled upon this life-changing discovery, I was totally struggling.. I had absolutely no idea how such a simple and easy routine that starts with just 10-seconds in the morning burned off 72 pounds of stubborn flab, shrunk my waist, eliminated all of my medications and ensured I would never end up like my dad, gone too soon.

Had I been shown this information earlier, I would have never ignored the hidden warning signs that seem to be just a normal part of getting older, yet in reality are ruining your health, increasing your risk for deadly diseases and expanding your waistline.

In fact, you’ve probably been feeling one of these warning signs as recent as a day or two ago, so please make sure to pay close attention to what I say next.

You’ll also want to know about the 3 foods that have been marketed to you as “healthy” that are actually forcing your body to store fat at an alarming rate… especially around your belly and even inside your internal organs, preparing you for an early trip to the grave.

It’s extremely important that you take immediate action today, because your life literally depends on it. You’re about to learn how one fundamental flaw is responsible for your gaining even more deadly stomach fat, and placing you at an increasing risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and more

And the scariest part? This fundamental flaw is hidden in everyone… I never saw it coming, and it almost killed me just like it killed my dad.

The corporate vultures at the big drug companies don’t want you to know about this 1 simple and easy routine that can not only eliminate all of these problems quickly and painlessly...

…but get you off their medications, once and for all, crippling their profits.

I personally struggled for years...

with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and depression, despite following my doctor’s orders with prescription drugs that didn’t cure me of anything, and only slowed down my inevitable appointment with early death.

And I did this all while watching my belly expand… and became even more frustrated as all of the latest fad diets and those exercise gizmos you see on TV just seemed to make things worse for me as I gained even more weight.

This fundamental flaw is so powerful, that it took the early and sudden death of my beloved father Don to lead me to a chance meeting with one very unusual but wise Jesuit Priest, to finally uncover the truth that changed my life forever.

Had I not stumbled upon this “heaven on earth” technique that started it all, I’d still be a prisoner to my prescription drugs, depression and my exhausted and overweight body… aging at an accelerated rate.

And I’d unknowingly be putting myself at greater risk doing seemingly normal everyday activities, like walking to my car in the parking lot, going to the mall, and yes... even visiting my doctor.

When you are at the mercy of this one fundamental flaw, you’re like a ticking time bomb, and you don’t even know it. You’ll also continue to be at the mercy of the shameless drug companies that exploit this flaw, so you keep coming back for their addictive and side-effect ridden medications again and again.

One thing I can guarantee...

You will be shocked and maybe even downright angry when you learn that the hidden underlying cause of your belly fat and increasing risk of deadly disease are all because of the same fundamental flaw.

However, the most amazing thing you’ll discover today is the “heaven on earth” miracle I personally experienced after watching my dearly departed father Donald suffer a needlessly painful and early demise from a condition he didn’t even know he had, that led me to a chance meeting with the curious Jesuit Priest that would save my own life…

...on my way to dropping 72 pounds of fat and 14 inches off my belly, while greatly reducing my risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression while I threw away my prescription drugs for good.

This surprisingly simple yet powerful 10-second technique can begin to completely transform your body and help you save your own life.

And it starts each morning while you’re lying in bed without any kind of effort at all… without any silly TV infomercial gadgets, without any crazy fad dieting, and without any long boring exercise routines.

Maybe the best part is that this works especially well for any woman or man over 40 who needs to lose weight and belly fat as soon as possible to restore your youthful energy and appearance, and reduce your growing risks for heart disease, diabetes and a painful march to an early death.

At this point I don’t need to remind you that you will be kicking yourself for years if you miss out on the life-saving information I’m going to share with you today.

In fact, I’m going to share everything I’ve learned with you, including the life-changing 10-second morning routine that burned off 10 pounds in just 7 days, and can flatten your stomach, recaptures youthful energy, and reboots your health... starting tomorrow morning.

Before we continue, you really should know more about me and how this one simple technique did more than just burned off 72 pounds of stubborn flab...

Since learning this 1 surprising tip from Jack, I’ve enjoyed experiences beyond my wildest imagination… like traveling the world as a PADI SCUBA rescue dive master and instructor, teaching thousands of people from all walks of life experience the joys of exploring a new world under the sea.

That’s Me

I’ve even done things that I never ever imagined my former fat, depressed and overmedicated self doing… like running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

However, while these experiences have brought me great joy, I’ve only been able to enjoy them because I overcame the one fundamental flaw that’s holding all of us back… and it’s all due to the surprising breakthrough tip I stumbled upon the day I met a truly remarkable man… Jack the Jesuit.

You must agree that my transformation is truly a miracle right here on earth.

I still get extremely emotional when I talk about it... I can clearly remember holding my dad’s hand, watching the look of shock and disbelief on my mother and sister’s face as we sat by his bedside, all the while thinking, "how could this be happening to us?"

At the same time, deep down, I knew exactly how this was happening, because I myself was already showing the warning signs of the very same afflictions my beloved father Donald was about to die from.

My belly was already protruding way beyond my belt… I had found myself at least 50 pounds overweight, and besides already being on blood pressure and cholesterol meds, my doctor told me my triglycerides were getting so high that type-2 diabetes was right around the corner.

And forget about exercising… I had so many random aches and pains, I could barely muster up the energy to walk further than from my bedroom to my kitchen.

That’s when the depression and feelings of hopelessness really set in. I would stay at home alone any chance I could, locking the doors, unplugging the phone and even duct taping towels over my windows to further isolate myself.

I didn’t want to be part of a world I couldn’t participate in any longer.

My marriage of 15 years was crumbling right before my eyes… I was spiraling deeper and deeper into the depression, hidden away from friends and family. They wanted to help… they tried to help… but I shut them all out.

It's crazy... when I needed them the most, I pushed them all away, as far as possible. If there was a light at the end of my tunnel, it was a train coming at me full speed, and I was helpless to get out of the way.

As bad as this was, I was also hiding a terrible, terrible secret.

As my health problems continued to pile up, and my depression continued to swell, I found myself turning to alcohol again and again. And by the time I was at the hospital, watching my dad deteriorate rapidly, I was a full blown alcoholic.

It got so bad that I even hid a fifth of Vodka in my overnight bag when I would visit him in the hospital, seemingly unable to control any aspect of my life.

I never imagined having the conversation with my father to end his life, yet sadly, I found myself doing just that...

…despite putting up a courageous fight for many months, the day came when nothing more could be done.

Nothing more could stop the inevitable from happening, and as tears began to leak from my eyes, my beloved father Donald slipped away silently in the night.

I was overcome with emotion, but what I didn’t expect was how angry I got. Angry at my dad, for allowing things to get to this point...

…and then I got angry with myself… I was letting things crumble in my own life in the exact same ways.

It was only a matter of months before I signed my own death certificate. I don’t exactly know why, but something inside of me told me I must get help… for real this time.

Little did I know, that help would come in the form of what seemed like “heaven on earth”, a very unusual Jesuit priest named Jack, who would share with me the 1 surprising tip that started my 72 pound weight loss, 14 inch belly fat loss, and caused my prescription meds and crippling health problems to completely vanish.

Lucky for me, Jack came into my life at just the right time, and saved me from ending up just like my dad.

It was just a short time later that Jack gave me the one simple technique that melted away my belly fat, reversed my heart disease and high blood pressure, eliminated my prescriptions and skyrocketed my energy and zest for life.

If it were not for the early death of my father I don’t think the warning bell would have ever gone off in my head of how sick I really was.

I continued to get fatter and sicker, all the while convincing myself that this is just what happens when you get older.

I would come up with every excuse for why my clothes were getting tighter and tighter, why my energy had all but disappeared and why my sex drive dwindled down to nothing.

All of the drugs my doctors had me on only made me want to do less even more… finding myself content to slog through work so I could just get home, plop down on the couch and zone out in front of the TV like a decaying zombie… watching other people live their lives because I couldn’t live mine.

And then I got the news from my doctor that all of these things, along with unusual signs like dry and flaky skin or lips were signaling that a life with type 2 diabetes and insulin shots was just around the corner.

Sure, I tried many of the low fat, low carb and other fad diets and boring workout routines, and I got all excited when I would drop a few pounds...

…though I would then be crushed when my doctor would tell me how I was actually getting more unhealthy inside my body. And in all cases, I struggled to stay on these programs for very long, and I ended up feeling even worse, with even more pounds of belly fat.

And the worse shape I was in, the hungrier I was, and I didn’t seem to have any clue on what to eat anymore. “How come I put in all this money and effort and nothing works?” is all I could think.

None of these fads or programs focus on the one fundamental flaw all of us have that is increasing your chances of developing debilitating diseases, and preventing you from living in your healthiest body possible.

In a strange way, my father’s early death on that fateful day saved my own life.

Had I not painfully watched from his bedside in the hospital, as his body surrendered to diseases he once didn’t even know he had, I would have allowed myself to fall victim to the same shortened life of pain and misery.

It was the middle of the day and I had been burying myself in food and booze, trying to further numb the pain. I was suddenly startled by a knock at the door. I peeked out from the behind the drapes to see my brother Rick standing at my front door.

I didn’t want to answer, I wanted to shut him out just like I had with everyone else, so I went back to the couch and continued to ignore the world.

However, my side door was unlocked, so it was only a matter of minutes before Rick found his way into my living room and confronted me.

He began to tell me that I was throwing my life away, and I was hurting not only myself, but hurting my wife, our mother and everyone else who cared about me.

He told me you didn’t need to be a doctor to see that I was dangerously close to having a heart attack, literally knocking on death’s door.

Of course I didn’t want to hear any of this, and I still regret what I did next...

…I was so angry at everyone, at life, that all I could think to do was reach back and throw a punch at my big brother.

What had started as a heartfelt attempt to rescue me from myself, quickly became a petty brawl between two brothers that loved each other.

When the dust had cleared, I remember thinking, “What is wrong with me?”… and as I sat there licking my wounds, Rick told me about a local Jesuit Priest named Jack that had a knack for fixing the unfixable.

He told me that if I didn’t see him soon, I would end up just like dad.

“Chris, I don’t care what you do, just make me a promise, go see Jack."

I was still in shock from the beating I just took, but deep down I knew he was right… and my clock was ticking… my time was running out.

Extremely skeptical, I wondered “How could one man help me reverse my health problems when everything I’ve ever tried in the past has failed me?"

I didn’t know the answer, but I had to do something…

I was never a very religious person, but that night as I laid in bed, at the lowest point of my life… when nothing had worked for me… I began to pray for a miracle.

A miracle that would reverse my high blood pressure, my dangerous heart attack and diabetes risk, and my growing belly…

…a miracle that would boost my energy to the point that I would spring out of bed each morning like I did in my youth.

A miracle right here on earth.

When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t quite realize that soon my prayers would be answered.

I found myself standing at the front doors of a old stone church. As I nervously lifted my shaking hand to knock, I couldn’t help but think maybe this was the start of a second chance...

…the second chance my father never had.

A man answered the door and he introduced himself as Jack. It was him. He asked how he could help...

I replied, “I don't think you can, but do you have a moment?”

He hesitated, like he was busy. He must have seen the desperation in my eyes though, because at the last second he stepped outside the door and said, “Let's walk and you can fill me in on what's going on.”

After a little small talk, I began to unload on Jack about everything.

How my father died unexpectedly… how my marriage was on the rocks… how my home was in foreclosure, and I was several car payments behind. How my weight and my belly had ballooned uncontrollably… how I developed high blood pressure, and was on several prescription drugs just to keep other diseases at bay… I was hitting the bottle to hide from my problems… and oh yeah, how I’m not real big on God.

Jack smiled at me and chuckled and said, “It’s okay. It sounds like you just have to change your whole life.”

I laughed out loud for the first time in a long time... and for some reason, deep down, I knew this man was the miracle I was hoping for.

Jack continued... “You realize this whole ‘God thing’ is what I do for a living, right? However, I don't want you to think about any of that heaven or hell stuff right now, but I am going to ask you to follow some simple instructions.

If you can follow these simple steps, I promise you that it will all vanish… the belly fat, the high blood pressure, the health risks, your financial woes, your relationship issues, your drinking compulsion.

I was in total disbelief… I asked Jack, how could a few simple steps solve everything that was so wrong in my life?

He went on to explain that all of these problems begin from the same thing, the one fundamental flaw that is hidden in all of us.

The one fundamental flaw that can be responsible for your gaining even more deadly stomach fat, and placing you at an increasing risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and more.

“Chris, your father’s sudden death from a disease he once didn’t even know he had was a wake up call! You don’t get anymore of those, so realize if you don’t take action and do something now, your story will be the same as his.

The reason you’re in the spot you’re in now, is because you’ve been trying to treat the symptoms instead of the cause. All the fad diets, crazy workout schemes and prescription meds only help you avoid the real problem.

You’re like a sinking ship, bailing the water to stay afloat, without ever plugging the hole that is sinking you in the first place.

So instead of giving you another diet or workout... or motivational speech or book, I’m going to start you out with one simple tip. One simple tip that I discovered in my travels around the world as a Jesuit missionary, and takes just 10 seconds each morning and night.

Again, I was skeptical, how could a simple 10-second morning and evening routine flatten my stomach, recapture my youthful energy, and reboot my health while totally turning my life around?

I was in no position to disagree, and deep down I wanted to believe what Jack had just said.

Jack went on to explain that when combining this one 10-second routine with a few other simple tips he would soon reveal to me, I would indeed drop the weight, reverse my health problems, and transform my life.

Jack even said he wouldn’t be surprised if I lost the first few pounds in just a few days.

By now my doubts had begun to change into hope, I became excited, practically foaming at the mouth to get started the following morning.

Jack then declared to me, “Anyone willing to use this 10-second tip each morning and night will see an immediate change in their life. No one I’ve given this tip to, that has applied it, has failed."

And I soon learned that Jack was right. If you’re over 40, 50 or even over 60, when you try using this simple technique combined with a few other easy tips, you’ll find dropping stubborn weight and belly flab to be easy.

You’ll probably also be surprised like I was to see your other health problems begin to disappear right before your very eyes. Maybe your doctor will be shocked and a little embarrassed just as mine was too.

And this can all happen without overly restrictive fad diets, silly informercial exercise gizmos, strenuous and sweaty workout routines, dangerous supplements or scary weight loss surgery.

All I had to do was make some small changes to my daily routine while eating more of a few specific foods and this allowed me to drop 10 pounds in the first 7 days, and of course by now you know I easily continued with this plan to drop another 62 pounds and 14 inches from my belly!

Now, don’t get me wrong, even though I was excited to get started with this tip, I was still skeptical. I didn’t really understand how a man of God could fix my health. But as Jack explained the power of this technique, and why it was largely unknown to us here in America and many other parts of the world, I came to learn that Jesuits were a different breed altogether...

…Jesuits are pastors and chaplains, yes, but they are also often doctors, teachers and are skilled in many other ways to care for the whole person: body, mind, and soul.

Jack reminded me again that all of my health problems, the belly fat, the high blood pressure, the increasing risk of heart attack and diabetes, the depression, my low energy…

they all were a result of the underlying cause… the one fundamental flaw that was literally killing me.

Like a parasite that invades our body and mind, holding us hostage to a life of misery, sickness and depression.

Jack told me that unless I took the right steps to kill this parasite, it would end up killing me.

This same fundamental flaw is infecting the minds and bodies of most women and men over 40 who are still struggling with their weight and health.

Time and time again, Jack has seen this is the number one reason why good meaning folks continue to suffer needlessly with their weight and health.

And it was shocking to hear that you can even get fatter and sicker by eating many of the so-called health foods or fad diets and exercising too much in the wrong ways!

What’s worse is how many doctor’s solution to this problem is just to give us more dangerous drugs that do nothing to really solve the cause of our health problems to begin with… and end up making us even sicker.

It gets worse...

Most studies show that this state of confusion and helplessness causes an increase in bad stress hormones in your body. All of these bad stress hormones make it even harder for you to lose the weight by destroying your muscles, raising your blood sugar and increasing your cravings for the very foods that are killing you.

That’s another big reason why you’ve failed to drop the weight in the past, find yourself mysteriously heavier some days, and why you struggle to lose even a pound sometimes.

Jack could see the desperation in my eyes, and with a calm and steady gaze, he put his hand on my shoulder and said “Chris, begin using this tip tomorrow morning…

This technique works so well that I promise you'll find yourself at least 5 pounds lighter in the next 7 days”

I reminded Jack again about all the things I had tried in the past with nothing to show for it. Jack assured me that this was different.

He went on to say, “Chris, in all of my travels over the last 30 years, I have never seen someone who used this tip not make huge improvements in their life. I’ve also seen those who decided not to use this tip end up exactly where your father did, and where you are heading right now.

The way I see it is, you’ve been given a second chance at life that most people never get, so the choice is yours to take this as a gift or squander it forever."

Deep inside me, I knew that Jack was right… meeting Jack and being given this unusual opportunity really was like a second chance at the life I always knew I deserved. And now, it was up to me to make the smart decision.

I felt a strange rush of confidence and security in my body,

and I suddenly knew just what to do. I thanked him and headed home, nervous but excited to try his tip and see exactly what would happen next.

Much to my surprise, at the end of the next week, following Jack’s tip… not only had I lost the 5 pounds he promised, I actually doubled it and found myself a full 10 pounds lighter. Yes, just by using this 10 second routine each morning and night, I had lost more weight faster than I ever had in my life! I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

Almost immediately after stepping off the scale that morning, I drove over to see Jack.

“Jack, Jack!” I yelled as I entered the church.

“You were right, this really does work!”

I was so happy that I begged Jack for any more tips I could start using right away. Jack smiled and said calmly, “Chris, I promise your journey has just begun. Give my friend Dr. Mike a call. He’ll share with you another easy but extremely effective tip that works with the simple routine you’re already using."

With that, he handed me a phone number he had written down on a small piece of yellow paper, which led me to meet Dr. Mike.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of discovering even more of these life changing tips and techniques.

Dr. Mike’s tip boosted my results even further, and that led me to meeting Bill, a curious newsman with a powerful tip of his own.

And just as Jack had promised me, my journey HAD just begun as I continued to meet and learn from several other authorities and experts…

...all who shared something unique with me that worked together with all of the other tips that helped me continue to drop the fat and turn my life around at an accelerated rate.

I would have never imagined my journey would take me around the world to such remote locations as the nation of Palau in Micronesia, where I learned another powerful tip that helped me get in the best shape of my life… and in my late 50’s at that!

In the end, I discovered 21 simple tools that allowed me to drop 72 pounds of stubborn flab, 14 inches of belly fat, and reversed my health problems and got me off of my prescription drugs.

21 Simple Tools that can completely reboot your body, your mind and your life.

You can imagine that after the startling total body transformation I experienced, both friends and family would constantly ask how exactly I was able to achieve this amazing feat.

Of course I wanted to help them, and I would, as much as I could… but after much urging from what seemed to be countless friends, family members and perfect strangers in as bad or worse shape than I was, I agreed that it was time to put pen to paper and put all of these unique and transforming tips together.

And it was also a fitting way to make a lasting tribute and honor my father, Donald Adams.

I gathered up all of my old notes and began to carefully flush each one out, explaining everything in detail, so that anyone can easily absorb them and put them to use as quickly as possible.

Within a few weeks I began receiving dozens of thank you emails and texts telling me about the sudden success others were having with these remarkable, life-changing tools.

They all had two things in common: 1. They were all over the age of 40. and 2. They were all using at least a handful of the exact techniques I’ve laid out in my new book.

Warning: This is NOT Another Diet And Exercise Book

As I learned on that first day of meeting Jack, most diet and exercise books are focused on treating the symptoms of your current condition… this is NOT one of those… not even close!

In "Beyond Fit: 21 Simple Steps To Reboot Your Body, Mind and Life” you get instant access to the unique techniques that will fix the underlying cause that is responsible for keeping you from living life in the body you deserve.

When you’re reading the book, you’ll be surprised to learn that only 6 of these powerful tips have anything to do with what you eat or how you move.

The remaining 15 are simple but explosive lifestyle shortcuts that can skyrocket your belly fat loss, explode your energy and vitality and literally force your body into becoming better than ever!

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to learn in Beyond Fit: 21 simple steps to reboot your body, mind and life:

As I said earlier, I’ve taken everything that completely changed my life (and now the lives of many others) and put them into a simple to follow and easy to read format that will have you dropping stubborn belly flab and rebooting your health quickly.

There’s no fluff here, I get right to the good stuff so you can begin changing your body and life from the very first page.

And you probably recognize by now that there really isn’t anything quite like my Beyond Fit book anywhere on the internet, book stores or even in your doctor’s offic

That’s because it’s a collection of unusual tips gathered largely from countries and cultures foreign to us here in the U.S.A...

…a group of unique tools that will help you melt away up to 10 pounds in the first seven days, and continue to drop the stubborn belly flab while boosting your energy, libido and reducing your risk of deadly disease.

Don’t forget, this book is something you need because you can very easily end up just like me, hitting rock-bottom with no relief in sight… or worse, like my father Donald… gone too soon.

There’s no reason your family and friends needs to go through the pain and shock that mine did through all of this. Through my book, you now have a second chance, just like I did.

Sure, you could continue trying those same types of restrictive diets, starving your body of healthy, youth-producing nourishment...

...or those trendy but punishing workout routines that wreak havoc on your joints, leaving you in worse shape than before you started while aging you faster.

You could even hire one of those personal trainers and dieticians who typically know very little about how the body actually responds once you’re over 40, much less over 50 or 60 and beyond.

And even if you somehow got lucky enough to find one of the few good ones, you’d be shelling out $150 per hour! And that’s just the AVERAGE cost these days… you’d most likely find yourself paying more.

However, if those systems actually worked like they say they do, then why does the percentage of adults considered to be overweight or obese keep rising every year, to now nearly 70%?

Despite these overhyped promises, our medical costs and death rates from many kinds of obesity related disease keeps rising to alarming levels.

They don’t work because they’re trying to fix the symptoms, and never address the fundamental flaw that is responsible for the problem in the first place.

Then there’s the dangerous weight loss pills, prescription or over the counter, and after watching their commercials I’m sure you remember how great they said you'll look and feel...

…however, what you probably don’t remember, or might not know, is all of the horrible side-effects, long-lasting and sometimes fatal damage some of these pills can cause.

Pulmonary hypertension, high blood pressure, heart attack, heart disease, dizziness, insomnia, constipation and chronic headaches just to name a few.

You can clearly see now why Beyond Fit is remarkably new and different.

Picture it, in just a couple minutes from right now, you’ll be reading and absorbing the exact same unique tools that totally transformed my body, my health and saved my life..



You can now look forward to bursting out of bed as early as tomorrow morning, excited to see the changes in the mirror happening right in front of your eyes.

“I want to let you in on a well-kept secret that most online diet and exercise experts would never tell you...”

Now, because I know exactly how it feels to be totally struggling with seemingly no answer to your problems in sight… I want to let you in on a well-kept secret that most online diet and exercise experts would never tell you...

Running a good website is not cheap… in fact it costs me over $5,000 a month to keep this website up and running, and to now support all of the new readers who I’ve inspired to do the same as me.

So in order to get immediate access to my breakthrough new book, Beyond Fit, I’ve been told I would need to charge at least $67 to cover the costs.

And that would actually be a great deal knowing that this is far less than you would end up spending on the extra doctor’s or hospital visits, medications and health insurance you’d have to buy by not putting these unique tools to work for you.

And plus, that’s less than the cost of just a couple hours with a good trainer and dietician.

When you get complete access to my Beyond Fit book, you can begin losing the weight you want, and yes, you can begin to look and feel years younger right away.

However, what’s most important is the feeling of absolute comfort and the priceless peace of mind you can have, knowing you’re giving yourself the best chance of living out your life with your family and dearest friends to the healthiest and fullest.

You can picture yourself enjoying your retirement years, traveling the world, taking in exciting experiences… making new friends...

...falling in love all over again... or maybe for the first time.

Considering all that, of course $67 is a steal… many folks have told me I am making a big mistake by not charging more… but I didn’t put this remarkable book together just to make a few bucks.

This isn’t about the money for me.

I know what it’s like to hit rock-bottom… I know what it’s like to watch your loved ones die too soon from a disease they didn’t even know they had… and I know what it’s like to have your attempts at success constantly met with failure and empty promises.

Reflecting back on that fateful day, watching my father Donald slip away from us… to one day meeting a strange Jesuit Priest named Jack that completely turned my life around… I can’t help but believe that I was saved for a reason.

I believe that reason is so I could share these unusual tools with the world... and with you today. I got my second chance and I took it… I want the same for you.

That’s why I’ve decided against charging you $67 today.

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Once you’ve finished reading the book, you’ll find the quickest way to success is to refresh your memory on which specific daily tools you’ll be using. The Beyond Fit Tools Checklist will make this as easy as possible, keeping you on track and focused.

Surprise Bonus #2: Beyond Fit Progress Tracker

There’s nothing quite like seeing your body change in the mirror, but it’s also just as motivating to watch your weight and and body part measurements shrink right before your eyes on paper. That’s exactly what the Beyond Fit Progress Tracker is all about.

Surprise Bonus #3: Beyond Fit Audio Book

Many of us are on the go these days, and that’s why we’re including a complete audio version of the Beyond Fit book with your order today. Listen to these best body ever shortcuts whenever and wherever you are.

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